Radiologic Signs
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Teacup Calcification-breast-curvilinear, teacup-shaped calcifications from dependent settling with cystic dilatation; seen in milk of calcium the MLO view
Terry Thomas Sign-widening of distance between the scaphoid and lunate (>3mm) on PA view from ligament disruption-AKA David Letterman sign
Tree-in-bud pattern- bronchiole filled with fluid resembling a branching tree with buds; seen in airway disease; common in endobronchial spread of infection (e.g. TB)
Thumbprinting-indentation in contrast or air-filled bowel lumen caused by submucosal infiltration and resembling a thumbprint; eg ischemia
Thumb Sign-enlarged epiglottis in epiglottitis which, instead of its usual thin fingerlike projection, is stubby, like the thumb
Thymic Sail Sign-normal appearance of thymus gland as it contacts minor fissure; spinnaker sail sign is abnormal
Target Sign-x-sectional enhanced mucosa and serosa with more lucent central submucosa due to edema or inflammation of bowel wall
Trough Sign-linear fracture of the anterior and medial portion of the humeral head from a posterior shoulder dislocation
Talar Beak-upward bony projection from anterosuperior aspect of talus associated with tarsal coalition
Target Calcification-bulls-eye calcification in center of pulmonary histoplasmoma
Tooth Sign-degenerative enthesophyte formation on superior aspect of patella as seen on axial or skyline (sunrise) view
Teardrop Sign (ankle)-soft tissue anterior to ankle joint on lateral radiograph indicating a joint effusion
Three Sign (cardiac)-appearance of aorta, coarctation and post-stenotic dilatation in a coarctation of the aorta
Tram Tracking-tube-like parallel lines representing thickened bronchial walls usually seen with bronchiectasis
Trolley Track Sign-combination of bamboo spine and ossification of the interspinous ligaments in ankylosing spondylitis
Tubular Artery Sign-air outlining the ascending aorta, aortic arch and major branches of aorta in pneumomediastinum
target sign Target Sign-US-hypertrophic pyloric stenosis-transverse image appearance of thickened pylorus muscle
Tumbling Bullet Sign-a bullet which changes its orientation within a solitary bone cyst presumably caused by the bullet
Threads and Streaks Sign-angiographic or MR appearance of vascularized tumor thrombus seen with renal cell carcinoma
Thread-and-streak sign-early linear appearance of portal vein on angiography or CT usually from enlarging hepatocellular carcinoma
Tulip Bulb Sign-appearance of dilated aortic root with sinotubular ectasia, especially in Marfan's syndrome



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