Radiologic Signs
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Molar Tooth Sign-appearance of perivesicular contrast on contrast-enhanced CT in extraperitoneal bladder rupture
Moulage Sign-dilated loop of small bowel with effaced folds resembling tube into which wax has been poured; seen in sprue
Misty Mesentery Sign-infiltrative pattern in mesenteric fat seen with mesenteric panniculitis
MacEwan Sign-displacement or obliteration of the pronator quadratus fat plane around wrist, usually from radial fracture
Mercedes Benz Sign-tri-radiate appearance of air in gallstone seen on CT and plain films
Maiden Waist Sign-medial deviation of ureters in retroperitoneal fibrosis
Mickey Mouse Pelvis-outward flaring of the iliac wings that can be seen in Down syndrome
Mickey Mouse Sign-increased radiotracer uptake on bone scan in pedicles and spinous process in Paget's disease



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