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Fallen Fragment Sign-small piece of bone settles to dependent portion of a unicameral bone cyst from pathologic fracture
Fat Pad Sign-pericardium-pericardium-produced by separation of retrosternal fat from epicardial fat by a line >2 mm, seen on lateral chest radiograph
Figure 3 Sign-in coarctation of the aorta, the dilated LSCA, indentation of coarct and post-stenotic aortic dilatation form "3"
Football Sign-oval shaped lucency of large pneumoperitoneum seen on supine abdominal radiographs usually in infants
Fallen Lung Sign (AKA Ptotic Lung Sign)-drooping of the lung on chest x-ray or CT to dependent part of chest described with fracture of the bronchus
Fishooking of Ureter-J-shaped appearance of distal ureter from enlargement of prostate and elevation of trigone usually in BPH
Flame-shaped Breast-breast tissue in the subareolar region extending from the nipple in flame-shaped distribution, representative of gynecomastia
Floating Teeth-alveolar bone destruction of part of the mandible from eosinophilic granuloma may make adjacent teeth appear to "float."Also may occur with other destructive lesions of mandible
Falciform Ligament Sign-visualization of usually invisible falciform ligament from surrounding air in pneumoperitoneum
Flat Waist Sign-flattened appearance to left side of cardiac contour due to rotation of heart in LLL atelectasis
Fragment in Notch Sign-on coronal MRI, displaced fragment, usually of medial meniscus, in bucket handle tears
Feline Esophagus-transient transverse esophageal folds on double contrast esophagram possibly due to GE reflux
Faceless Kidney Sign-obliteration of the normal renal sinus 1st described in duplications but now including neoplasm or inflammation
Fat Pad Sign-elevation of extrasynovial, intracapsular fat around the elbow as a result of distension of the joint by an effusion, usually traumatic
Fishmouthing-biconcave appearance of the disk spaces in sickle cell disease from avascular necrosis of the vertebral endplates resembling a fish mouth


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