Radiologic Signs
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Accordion Sign-appearance of oral contrast trapped between colonic folds thickened by submucosal edema, esp in C. difficile colitis
Abdominal Cocoon-AKA sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis; encasement of variable lengths of bowel by a dense fibrocollagenous membrane giving the
appearance of a cocoon
Air Crescent Sign-sickle-shaped lucency partly surrounding a mass in a pulmonary cavity on chest x-ray & CT; classically, aspergillomas
Air Bronchogram Sign-black-branching air-filled bronchi visible because of surrounding airspace disease, such as in pneumonia
Angel Wing Appearance-AKA Bat Wing-pattern of pulmonary edema which involves perihilar regions and spares cortex of lung
Anteater's Nose Sign-on lateral view of foot, elongated anterior, superior process of calcaneous seen in tarsal coalition
Aortic Nipple-bump caused by left superior intercostal vein as it wraps around outer edge of aorta
Apple Core-appearance of an annular constricting carcinoma of the bowel, usually the colon, from circumferential involvement of lumen
Acorn cyst-breast-breast-US-type of complex cyst where the echogenicity within the cyst is due to fat and protein cells; also known as Fatty Cyst
Absent Bow-Tie Sign-absence of normal bow-tie appearance of meniscus on sagittal MRI of knee in bucket handle tears

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