Radiologic Signs
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Hampton's Line-thin line seen in profile at neck of gastric ulcer representing the thin rim of undermined gastric mucosa in a benign ulcer
Hampton's Hump-wedge-shaped density at periphery of lung described as a sign of pulmonary infarction
Honda Sign-characteristic H-shape, similar to carmaker's logo, of bone radiotracer uptake in sacrum due to sacral insufficiency fractures
Haglund's Sign-prominence of posterior, superior calcaneal tuberosity mostly in females from pressure by shoes
Hide-Bound Appearance-narrow separation between normal thickness valvulae despite luminal dilatation; seen in scleroderma
Hair-on-End-spiculated appearance of elongated trabeculae in widened diploic space seen in hemolytic anemias, esp thalassemia
Hill-Sachs Deformity-fracture of the posterior and lateral portion of humeral head from an anterior shoulder dislocation
H-shaped Vertebrae-central depressions in vertebral endplates caused by avascular necrosis, especially in sickle cell disease
Honeycombing-clustered, thick-walled cystic spaces representing dilated and thickened bronchial walls; seen in bronchiectasis, CF, EG
Hot Nose Sign-early, increased activity on nuclide blood flow brain scans in region of nose, esp in brain death
Holly Leaf Appearance-the geographic shape formed by the dense perimeter of a calcified pleural plaque seen en face, especially with asbestos exposure
Hilum Overlay Sign-differentiates large pulmonary artery from hilar mass on chest x-ray; mass superimposes on vessels
Hilum Convergence Sign-differentiates large pulmonary artery from hilar mass on chest x-ray; vessels converge on PA but go past hilar mass
Hatchet Head Deformity-the appearance of the humeral head as result of severe erosions from rheumatoid arthritis
Hamburger Sign-normal appearance of facet joints on CT of cervical spine resembling two halves of hamburger bun
Heel Pad Sign-enlarged soft tissue of heel pad (greater than 23mm) that might indicate presence of acromegaly
Half Moon Sign-superimposed densities of glenoid and humeral head in a normal shoulder; disappears in posterior dislocation
hurricane sign-nucs
Hurricane Sign-Myocardial perfusion scan shows a hurricane sign representing an artifact due to patient motion.
Hot Cross Bun Sign-criss-cross pattern on T2W MRI in pons in patients with MSA-c, a neurodegenerative disease
Head Cheese Sign-combination of ground-glass opacity and mosaic perfusion on chest CT seen in hypersensitivity pneumonitis, DIP, sarcoid
Hockey Stick Ureter (AKA Fishhooking)-J-shaped appearance of distal ureter from enlargement of prostate and elevation of trigone usually in BPH


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