Radiologic Signs
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Rugger Jersey Spine-sclerotic superior and inferior endplates of vertebrae from secondary hyperparathyroidism from renal disease
Rat-tail Sign-irregularly marginated tapering of esophagus in achalasia AKA Bird's Beak Sign; or of bronchus and biliary duct in carcinoma
Rigler's Sign-visualization of both sides of bowel wall on CT and radiography in presence of a pneumoperitoneum
Rat-bite Sign-sharply marginated, overhanging bony erosions usually associated with gouty arthritis
Rolled Edge Sign-the dense perimeter of a calcified pleural plaque seen en face, especially with asbestos exposure
Rachitic Rosary-enlarged costochondral junctions of the ribs in rickets resembling a string of rosary beads
Reverse Pulmonary Edema-peripheral airspace disease with sparing of central lung esp in pulmonary infiltrates with eosinophilia
Reverse 3 Sign (GI)-appearance of inner margin of duodenal loop from enlarged head of pancreas with tethering at ampulla
Rice Grain Calcifications-elongated oval-shaped, soft tissue calcifications the size of rice grains seen in cysticercosis
Ribbon Ribs-thinned and attenuated appearance of ribs usually seen with neurofibromatosis
Reversed Halo Sign-rounded ground-glass attenuation circled by ring of denser consolidation on CT-seen with cryptogenic organizing pneumonia
Reverse Hamburger on Bun Sign-inverted appearance of facet joints on CT and MRI in facet joint dislocation
Rod-like Calcifications-breast-calcifications from ductal secretions that form along orientation of the ductal system
Rim Sign-Nucs-In this HIDA scan, uptake is seen in the area of the superior aspect of the gallbladder.  This is a sign of pericholecystic hepatic activity representing late acute cholecystitis.
Ring-Around-the-Artery Sign-air surrounding right pulmonary artery on lateral chest from pneumomediastinum
Ring Sign (papilla)-on CT urogram or IVP, contrast outlining a detached papilla in papillary necrosis, often triangular in shape


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