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Pawnbroker's Sign-bilateral hilar and right paratracheal adenopathy seen in sarcoid resembling 3 hanging balls of old Pawnbroker's Shops
Pear-shaped Bladder-shape of urinary bladder from extrinsic compression from excess pelvic fat, fluid, blood, urine or adenopathy
Popcorn Calcification-flocculent, amorphous calcification in solid masses, frequently indicating smooth muscle calcification, e.g. fibroids
Popcorn Calcification-breast-calcification due to hyalinization of fibroadenomas
Pencil-in-Cup Sign-psoriatic erosions in which narrowed end of metacarpal or phalanx inserts into expanded end of adjacent bone
Pencil Pointing-sharply tapered erosion of distal clavicle usually seen with rheumatoid arthritis
Pseudo-Rigler's Sign-apparent visualization of both sides of bowel wall when two dilated loops of bowel abut each other
Polka Dot Sign-thickened trabeculae seen on end on CT in vertebral body hemangiomas
Pad Sign-bowel-impression on a loop of  bowel by extrinsic mass or organ
Pancake Kidney-fusion of both the lower and upper poles of the kidneys; AKA disc kidney
Pedicle Sign-destruction of the vertebral pedicle, seen more with lytic metastatic disease than multiple myeloma
Pancake Vertebra-flattening of a vertebral body (vertebra plana) from a compression fracture as in eosinophilic granuloma
Puckered Panniculus Sign-panniculus with central indentation from previous abdominal surgery
Putty Kidney-calcified, end-stage kidney resulting from autonephrectomy due to renal tuberculosis
Picket Fence Appearance-spiculated contour of small bowel with submucosal infiltration, as in hemorrhage or radiation
Picture Framing-thickened cortex of a vertebral body with Paget's disease resembling a picture frame
Pneumoarthrogram Sign-AKA vacuum joint-normal appearance of gasses (nitrogen) that come out of solution in a large joint from traction
Pseudoumor-AKA Vanishing tumor-fluid in a fissure, usually minor, mostly seen in CHF-vanishes with reversal of failure
Phantom Calyx Sign-absence of an expected renal calyx from TB, neoplasm or stricture
Puff of Smoke Sign-tangle of small collateral vessels seen at cerebral angiography-in Moyamoya Dz-from central vessel occlusion
Pie-in-the-Sky Sign-elevation of the urinary bladder by a large pelvic hematoma also suggests urethral injury
Piece of Pie Sign-triangular appearance of lunate in frontal projection of wrist in lunate dislocations
Pyloric Tit Sign-outpouching created on lesser curve by distorted muscle in hypertrophic pyloric stenosis
panda sign
Panda Sign-Gallium uptake in the lacrimal, parotid and submandibular glands characteristic of sarcoidosis.
Pedestal Sign-sign of loosening of prosthetic femoral stem in cementless total hip arthroplasty
Ptotic (AKA Fallen) Lung Sign-drooping of the lung on chest x-ray or CT to dependent part of chest described with fracture of the bronchus


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