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"A Surprise Calcification"



Case of the Week 275

What's the most likely diagnosis?

  • 27 year-old male with knee pain

  1. Bi-partite patella
  2. Baker's cyst
  3. Femoral fracture
  4. Patellar fracture
  5. Gout



4. Patellar fracture



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Patellar Fracture

General Considerations

  • The patella is the body’s largest sesamoid and lies in the quadriceps tendon
  • Upper pole is site of attachment of the quadriceps tendon
    • This tendon is comprised of components from the
      • Superficial rectus femoris
      • Vastus intermedius muscle
      • Vastus medialis and lateralis
  • Lower pole is the site of attachment of the patellar ligament which inserts at the tibial tubercle
  • Portions of the rectus femoris course over surface of patella
  • Normal position of the patella
    • The inferior border is about the height of one patella above the knee joint space with the knee slightly flexed

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