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Case of the Week 341

What's the most likely diagnosis?

  • 70 year-old female with headaches

  1. Paget disease
  2. Fibrous dysplasia
  3. Parietal thinning
  4. Sickle cell anemia
  5. Multiple myeloma

Additional Image - Lateral radiograph of the skull


Additional Image


Lateral radiograph of the skull




3. Parietal thinning



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Parietal Thinning

General Considerations

  • Variant seen in parietal bones in which there is thinning of the bones bilaterally
  • About 0.4% of normal skulls
  • More common in women
  • Mean age 72
  • Can be progressive
  • May be familial
  • No emissary vein is transmitted
  • Some consider it developmental, some secondary to osteoporosis and others a dysplasia
  • Stress produced by chewing has been implicated


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70 year-old female with headaches
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