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"A Case of Recurrent Abdominal Pain"



Case of the Week 268

What's the most likely diagnosis?

  • 43 year-old in a motor vehicle accident

  1. Psoas muscle hematoma
  2. Pelvic fracture
  3. Vertebral fracture
  4. Aortic transection
  5. Subcapsular hematoma



5. Subcapsular hematoma (and renal laceration) of the left kidney



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Subcapsular hematoma -- Renal Trauma

General Considerations

  • Incidence
    • Renal trauma is most common of all GU trauma occurring in about 10% of patients with significant blunt or penetrating abdominal trauma
  • Cause
    • Motor vehicle accident
    • Contact sports
    • Falls and fights
    • Less often penetrating wounds
  • Mechanism
    • Direct blow (>80%) frequently compressed and often lacerated by lower ribs
    • Acceleration-deceleration injuries can produce renal artery tears

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