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Permission to Publish Policy

All material on this website: Copyright © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by LearningRadiology.com except where otherwise noted.


You do not need permission to publish if the purpose of your work is for individual use for a non-profit, educational purpose (such as a class paper or PowerPoint presentation for which no charge is rendered or for a research paper).


You do need permission to publish for any other reason. The term "to publish" includes, but is not limited to: print, film, video, slide presentation, television, computer or other electronic transmission, and exhibit formats.



  1. Your request for permission should include the following:
    1. What is being requested (Include the url of the page containing the photo or material requested)
    2. How the material will be used (i.e., book, exhibit, etc)
    3. The title of the publication
    4. When the material is expected to be published
    5. Where, if applicable, the republished material will be used (what state, what country, etc.)
    6. Anticipated size of the audience who will see the published material 
  1. Permission for reproduction is granted only for the expressed purpose described in the original request. Permission is for one time use only. The permission granted terminates immediately upon publication. Any subsequent use constitutes re-use and must be applied for in writing. 
  1. LearningRadiology.com.™ gives no exclusive rights for any material on this site. LearningRadiology.com does not surrender its own right to publish or to grant others permission to do so, and all other rights, including those of further publication, are reserved in full by LearningRadiology.com
    Granting permission to publish does not transfer the copyright LearningRadiology.com holds. Permission is granted only to the applicant and is non-transferable. 
  1. All images used in publication must include the credit line “Published with permission from LearningRadiology.com.” 
  1. LearningRadiology.com reserves the right to limit the scope of the content and/or number of photographs for which permission is granted. In general, no more than five photos will be approved for publication. Presentations on this site in PowerPoint or Flash will not be approved in toto for publication by others. 
  1. LearningRadiology.com retains the right to deny a request because of copyright regulations, privacy rights or if it feels such use would not be in the best interests of LearningRadiology.com 
  1. In some instances, a proof must be provided to and approved by LearningRadiology.combefore publication. In some cases, we may request a courtesy copy of a publication for which material from this site has been used. 
  1. Direct all requests to: William Herring, MD, FACR at LearningRadiology

The publishing party assumes all responsibilities for clearing any copyrighted material not owned by LearningRadiology.com with the copyright holder. The publishing party further assumes any liability for infringement of copyrights and agrees to hold LearningRadiology.com harmless from any liability. The applicant agrees to use the materials for appropriate and legal purposes, and to defend, indemnify, and hold LearningRadiology.com harmless as to any actual or alleged copyright infringement or any other claim(s) arising from applicant’s use of  LearningRadiology.com's material(s).