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Porcelain Gallbladder

General Considerations

  • Calcification of all or part of the gallbladder wall
  • So named because of its gross appearance (bluish in color) and its similarity to porcelain (brittle in consistency)
  • Incidence:
    • Less than 1% of cholecystectomy patients
    • F:M  5:1
  • Histology
    • Flakes of dystrophic calcium within chronically inflamed and fibrotic muscular wall
    • Wall is thickened and gallbladder is contracted
  • Associated with gallstones in 90%
    • Cystic duct is always obstructed
    • 80% of patients with carcinoma of gallbladder have stones

Clinical Findings

  • Patients are usually asymptomatic

Imaging Findings

  • On conventional radiographs or CT, curvilinear calcifications in segment of the wall or entire wall
    • CT is more sensitive than conventional radiographs
    • Thickness of calcification may vary
  • On ultrasound, highly echogenic, shadowing, curvilinear structure in GB fossa
    • DDx: stone-filled contracted GB
  • Echogenic GB wall with little acoustic shadowing
    • DDx: emphysematous cholecystitis
  • Scattered irregular clumps of echoes with posterior acoustic shadowing

Differential Diagnosis

  • Imaging pitfall
    • Contracted gallbladder with calcified wall can be mistaken for a gallstone
  • Calcified hydatid cyst of liver
  • Large gallstone with peripheral calcification


  • Because of its high association with carcinoma of the gallbladder, a cholecystectomy is usually performed


  • 20-30% develop carcinoma of gallbladder 

Porcelain Gallbladder. Upper: Radiograph of right upper quadrant of the abdomen
shows a curvilinear calcification indicating calcification if the wall of a "hollow viscous"
in the region of the gallbladder (white arrows). Lower:
Axial CT image of the upper abdomen in the same patient confirms the thin calcification in the gallbladder wall (yellow arrows).
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