Learning Radiology xray montage

Ghon Complex
Ranke Complex

General Considerations

  • A “Ghon Lesion” or focus is a granuloma in the lung from a previous tuberculous infection
    • It is a sequela of primary tuberculosis
  • When there is a combination of a parenchymal granuloma and an involved hilar lymph node on the same side, the two together are called a “Ghon Complex”
  • The combination of late fibrocalcific lesions of the lung and lymph node which evolved from the Ghon complex is referred to as the “Ranke complex”

 Ranke complex

Ranke Complex. There is a combination of a calcified peripheral granuloma (black arrow) and a calcified hilar lymph node (white arrow) on the same side. Several other, small calcified granulomas are seen in the right mid-lung field.