Learning Radiology xray montage

  • Collections of apparently benign lymphocytes which lack the usual invasive characteristics of true lymphoma

  • Lack of invasion of extrapulmonary tissues in this disease

  • Mixed cellular infiltration (as opposed to uniform cellular infiltration of true lymphoma) with mature lymphocytes predominating

  • Other lesions characterized by the presence of mature lymphocytes

    • LIP

    • Castleman’s disease–lymph node hyperplasia

    • Lymphomatoid granulomatosis

    • Well-differentiated lymphocytic lymphoma

  • Classically, there is no involvement of the lymph nodes in the hilum or mediastinum

  • May be associated with Dilantin administration (as is true lymphoma and benign lymph node hyperplasia)

  • Asymptomatic


  • Dense infiltrate

  • Invariably has air bronchogram

  • May also have nodules, segmental consolidation or diffuse interstitial infiltration