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Tumoral Calcinosis

  • Progressively enlarging, juxta-articular, calcified, nodular soft-tissue masses

  • Mostly occurs in 1st or 2nd decade

  • Equal M:F

    • Predominantly African-Americans

  • Normal calcium and phosphorous

    • No renal, metabolic or collagen-vascular disease

  • Autosomal dominant with variable expressivity

  • Pathology: multilocular cystic lesions containing creamy white fluid

    • Hydroxyapatite crystals in suspension

  • Clinical

    • Painful/painless soft tissue mass

    • Hips>elbows>shoulders>feet

    • Not knees

  • Imaging

    • Large, nodular, smoothly-marginated juxta-articular masses of calcium density

    • Fluid-fluid levels on erect films due to Milk of Calcium in lesion

    • Underlying bone normal

Tumoral Calcinosis

Tumoral Calcinosis. There is a well-circumscribed and multi-lobular area of increased density consistent with calcification in the soft tissue of the anterior forearm near the elbow joint. The density has an almost tumor-like appearance. The underlying bone is normal in appearance.