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Straddle Fracture of the Pelvis

    • Fractures of both superior and both inferior pubic rami
    • With straddle fractures, there is a 40% chance of injury to the genitourinary tract, especially the posterior urethra and the urinary bladder in men
    • They are usually due to strong vertical shear injuries such as a fall from a height or a motorcycle accident
    • There is frequently vertical offset of the pelvis, which require stabilization
    • 95% of those with bladder injuries have gross hematuria
    • 1/3 of those with straddle fractures require laparotomy
    • CT has replaced conventional radiography in classifying pelvic fractures

    Straddle Fracture, Pelvis.

    Straddle Fracture, Pelvis. There are fractures of both superior pubic rami and both inferior pubic rami (white arrows). The right sacroiliac joint is widened (black arrow).

    Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics