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Sandwich Sign
Hamburger Sign

General Considerations

  • CT appearance of mesenteric fat and vessels "sandwiched" between two nodular layers of mesenteric lymphadenopathy
    • Also seen on ultrasound
  • Highly suggestive of mesenteric lymphoma
    • Usually non-Hodgkin's variety (NHL)
    • Mesenteric masses occur in 30-50% of patients with NHL
  • Frequently associated with retroperitoneal adenopathy as well
  • Sandwich sign may also be seen in patients with post-transplantation lymphoproliferative disorder

Sandwich Sign. Axial contrast-enhanced CT images of the abdomen and pelvis
demonstrate lobulated, lymphadenopathy (white arrows) "sandwiching" mesenteric vessels and fat (red arrows) in a pattern suggestive of mesenteric lymphoma. There is also retroperitoneal adenopathy (black arrows).

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