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Case of the Week 285

What's the most likely diagnosis?

  • Post-feeding tube insertion radiograph

  1. Feeding tube in distal esophagus
  2. Feeding tube in right pulmonary artery
  3. Feeding tube in right lower lobe bronchus
  4. Feeding tube in hiatal hernia
  5. Can't tell without a lateral view

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3. Feeding tube in right lower lobe bronchus



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Nasoduodenal Feeding Tubes (Dobhoff, Dobbhoff Tubes)

Indications for Use

  • A small-bore, flexible silicone tube usually inserted into the nose with a weighted tip that should preferentially be past the pylorus
  • Used for nutrition in patients who
    • Require mechanical ventilation
    • Have an altered mental status
    • Have swallowing disorders
  • It is a narrow-bore (3mm-8 French) which can be left in place for 6 weeks or more
    • Causes less local irritation than nasogastric tubes
    • Unlike a large-bore nasogastric tube, it is not attached to suction

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